About Me


Hello! I’m Akas Wisnu Aji, a 21-year-old student currently pursuing my studies at Amikom University. Beyond being an enthusiastic student, I also play a fascinating role as a penetration tester and cybersecurity consultant at a cybersecurity company in Indonesia.

My daily life involves immersive learning in a dynamic university environment, where I continually sharpen my knowledge and skills in the field of technology. As a cybersecurity consultant, I am committed to safeguarding information and data by identifying potential security threats and providing effective solutions.

Throughout my academic and professional journey, I’ve learned how to tackle challenges in the realm of cybersecurity with a proactive and innovative mindset. I believe that through continuous learning and contribution, we can make the cyberspace a safer and more reliable domain.

Feel free to connect with me if you share an interest in the world of cybersecurity or if you have any questions we can explore together. I’m always excited to engage with fellow technology and cybersecurity enthusiasts!

Contact me at : [email protected]


Consultant and Penetration Tester

I am a dedicated penetration tester committed to safeguarding the digital realm. Through meticulous security testing, I pursue potential vulnerabilities and devise solutions to protect systems from cyber threats.

Public Speaker and Trainer

I also share my knowledge and insights by being a public speaker and trainer. I speak and provide training on cybersecurity, helping others understand the intricacies of the cyber world and how to safeguard themselves online.

Cybersecurity Code Developer

Beyond working hours, I’m a code developer with a focus on cybersecurity. I create solutions to safeguard data and systems from potential cyber threats.

see more : https://github.com/justakazh

CTF and Bug Hunting Enthusiast

Additionally, I sometimes engage in Capture The Flag (CTF) challenges and bug hunting, where I hone my skills and contribute to making the digital world safer.


I’m also a writer. I enjoy putting my experiences and insights into writing. My writings range from technical explanations to practical guides, helping others understand and tackle cybersecurity challenges.

Coffee and Cigarette Enthusiast

Aside from all that, I’m a coffee and cigarette enthusiast. I find inspiration in every cup of coffee and occasionally contemplate creative ideas over a cigarette. For me, these are the small moments that enrich life.


Here is my small achivement :

  • 2018 – 3rd Place Winner in the District-level Student Web Design & Development Competition
  • 2020 – Appreciation for the Vulnerability Report on Gramedia
  • 2022 – Hall of Fame International Oraganization for Migration (IOM)
  • 2022 – Appreciation for the Vulnerability Report on Myhero


  • Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)
  • eLearn Security Junior Penetration Tester

Papers and Publications

News Coverage and Interviews